Important concepts

As discussed in previous sections, BQL enables querying SEO data from Botify.

We refer to any non-SEO data as metadata.

Main concepts


Either a user or an organization, that can have projects.


A project that can have crawls, and other SEO data sources, linked to one website. These data sources can be can be queried and joined using BQL.


A crawl and analysis of a website at a certain point of a time.

API endpoint structure

All API calls are made on
When breaking down further, most API endpoints have the following structure:

  • target_resource represents the type of resource we are querying, and at which level we are. For example: users, projects, analyses or jobs.
  • the username and project_slug combination represents the unique identification of a project, so they are often used on a project-level endpoint. See how to find your values in Getting started.

What’s Next

Find our OpenAPI Specifications to start using our API