To prevent our API from being overwhelmed by too many requests, and provide a stable experience to all our users, Botify limits API requests.

QPS limit

On project-related endpoints, such as the SEO data retrieval endpoint, the query-per-second (QPS) limit is 5 requests per second.

Export size limits

SEO data exports, as described in the section Export your data, have a size limit only when Botify stores the exported data for you. This relates to the direct download backend.
More details about the available Backends and connectors can be found here.

Exports Credits - Essential, Pro & Enterprise Packages

Each package comes with a certain amount of export credits for each web property. If you're not sure about how many you have, contact your CSM or consult your Botify Master Service Agreement.
Each export (either in the Botify application itself or through the API) subtracts a certain amount of credits from your account.
This amount is computed as such:

  • each data row counts for 1 credit
  • each data row linked to the links graph counts for 0.1 credit

To add more export credits to your account before the anniversary of your subscription, contact your CSM.